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Wisena Consultancy Limited is a company that was founded in 2014 and provides solutions to organizations in the field of project and organizational management.

We are committed to serving our clients while providing high quality, timely and efficient professional services.

We provide solutions for success. We believe in providing solutions as per your need.


We endeavor to be the best project management service provider in the region


We envision a Firm that offers strategic solutions to all the project needs of the client

Core Values

•Professionalism •Quality service •Value for resources •Strategic partnership •Timeliness in delivery •Innovation Solutions


We offer the following strategic project management services:


Project based and professional research

Organisational Development:

Strategic plans, Business profiles and Capacity Building

Program development:

Project planning, design and implementation

Customized training

Children, Community, Staff, Government, Entrepreneurs etc

Project Evaluations:

Project reviews/Baseline Surveys/Mid Term & End Term Evaluation

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